Rabbit Season

This place is just infested with rabbits. Kangaroos and rabbits. They might as well call it ‘Rabbit Ground’. They are just running around everywhere. You can’t study all day every day, and we like to be as well-rounded as we can, always seeking out new skills.
So…. Brad decided to refine his hunting skills in preparation for Melanesian village living.
The great rabbit hunt started not long after we got here….

Brad made his own trap….making a trap

When that was unsuccessful, Brad and Jim tried hunting them down with blow darts – the jungle way..hunters

Just aiming practice….just kidding

hunter jim

The blow darts are surprisingly powerful – and they got close, but still no rabbit dinner…brad's trophy

And then, Brad’s Dad sent him a possum cage trap for his birthday.. and…..
(my apologies to the vegetarians out there…)
We got one!dinner!

first rabbit

that's right....Brad and Jim skinned it and gutted it (I won’t show you photos of that…) with Josh and I looking on in fascination. I marinated it in port wine and rosemary overnight, then baked it slowly in the oven for about 3 hours.
DINNER!rabbit feast

beautiful tender white (and FREE) rabbit meat… YUM!roast rabbit