Mayhem at Kangaroo Ground

The last six weeks have been challenging to say the least. Living in two rooms the size of U.S. jail cells is one thing. Having to share a kitchen/living room with 12 other people is another. Due to the hub of activity this centre is, with national conferences, missionaries on furlough or waiting for visas, and renovations to one of the temporary accommodation blocks  – a family of four were forced to live in the two rooms opposite ours, quite gracefully, I must say, and naturally spent most of their time in the communal living area. An area already used by two other families of four, and the two of us. You can imagine the chaos that ensued.

The general state of the freezer…crammmmmmmed!

competiting for space at the dinner table…table sharing

the lovely man who unblocked the kitchen sink just in time for dinner…kitchen chaos

The mud-brick walls just aren’t thick enough, and we suffered little kids screaming and crying, and they suffered us banging around in the kitchen late at night and blasting ‘pump-up’ music for the boys’ daily work outs – during nap time.

Oh yeah, there’s also been an excavator, or a jack-hammer, right outside the door most of the time – digging up the sewerage of all things, and on numerous occasions we’ve suddenly lost gas, or hot water, or any water, or Internet. Good times.
Our bedroom is behind the wall where that bike is…7am wake up call

Yesterday, after 6 ‘temporary’ weeks, EQUIP did some re-shuffling and the Carpenter family got their own little dorm-house with a small kitchen of their own, and we went back to sharing the communal area with only 8 other people. Thank God! Miraculously, no one lost the plot (publicly), but we’re sorry to everyone who’s had to listen to us whinge constantly about it. And, huge thanks to the carpenters for putting up with us for so long!