Life on Campus – Semester One

Its less than 30 hours till we leave for the airport, and the last 7 days have seen us miraculously complete a Sociolinguistics essay, two Grammar exams, last year’s tax return, a stack of Orthography reading, a writers workshop, and a Phonological analysis of the language of Siane, PNG. phew!

Well, in an attempt for closure on Semester One, here’s a few shots of our life here.
This is what we did most of the time – study.brad working

Since that photo is kinda boring, here’s some other random photos that show an average day…
Tania showing how its done in Literacy class…tania and the worm

Joss looking like she’s planning something..joss

After class, Elyse cooking lunchlunch time

Tania and Brad enjoying lunch time brain-stop and a bit of daytime TV..TV break

Then a work out..pumping iron

work out

Then a can of tuna…mmm... protein

If its Friday night, invite everyone over for snacks and home movies from Vanuatu..friday night - movie night!

Island Dressespretty?

Yumfinger food dinner

Outside the classroom – once it was like this ALL day!fog-city

Kangaroosroo + joey

Elyse and ZoeElyse + Zoe

Jim and Tania’s tiny borrowed car. We call it ‘The Suppository’ cause its so small…tiny car

Brad loves his new binoculars! Thanks Michael and Jennifer!googling

Another rabbit feast!us + the kenners

Tandoori rabbit… yum!rabbit 3 + 4