Vibrant Culture – Weekly Inspiring Image

thai dancer

Can you imagine our world without its phenomenal diversity of cultures, languages and expressions? Each wondrously beautiful in its own way, the human being is a multi-faceted creature that merely reflects an astoundingly colourful Creator. Blessed with cultural diversity and a proudly independent history, Thailand likes to display its variety as much as anyone. With a strong appreciation for language, Thais are getting involved in language development and Bible translation around the world and this cultural hub of Southeast Asia is busy with training. Wycliffe Thailand’s director, Tarawat Suebthayat, considers, “Every Christian is a missionary. God has given us different roles to play. Some are on the front line, and some are in the back. As for me, God wants me to nurture the new generation of missionaries now by giving them resources, training and knowledge.” Read Tarawat’s story. Pray for Asia.

Photo & Words: Elyse Patten