Together – Weekly Inspiring Image

400 people, 80 nations, 1 vision. Last week leaders from all the partners of the Wycliffe Global Alliance met together in Asia for a week of sharing the joys, challenges, plans and hopes of the ministry of Bible translation in their nation. Here Fajak Avajani, leader of the Episcopal Church of Sudan Translation Department holds his Tira New Testament while listening to the morning session on missiology. During the closing reflection time for the conference Fajak shared with the whole group, “I came to this conference with a bleeding heart. And I am leaving this conference with a bleeding heart, because my country is bleeding.” The facilitator called for a time of prayer for Sudan, and many colleagues gathered around in support. Our world is big, and many of its peoples are hurting. The vision to see every language community with access to the Good News is big, and not without difficulties. But if God is for us, who can be against us? We are in this together.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Sudan.
Read more about how prayer played a vital role for Fajak and the Tira New Testament project.

Photo & Words: Elyse Patten
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