The Deep Congo – Weekly Inspiring Image

Three men steam along in their dugout canoe as the sun sets over the mighty Congo River in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The Congo is Africa’s most powerful river, one of the deepest rivers in the world, and as turbulent as the history of the lush heart of Africa in which it travels. With 215 living languages, diverse cultures and difficult terrain, the church in DRC is supporting Bible translation projects however they can. Andy Alo, a professor of the Africa International University, insists that he benefits greatly from a translation of the Bible into his own mother tongue, Lugbarati, in spite of his fluency in English, French and two other languages. Andy considers that, “If you want to go deep into the knowledge of the Word of God, you need also to use a language that can help you go deep into your thinking and into your feelings.” Read Andy’s personal story on

Photo: UN Photo/Marie Frechon
Words: Elyse Patten