Unique Personalities – Weekly Inspiring Image

Isn’t it interesting how different people respond to being photographed? The girl on the far left leans in to make sure she is included while the girl on the far right turns away shyly giggling. Two girls cover their faces while another beams happily and the boys keep their cool in matching poses and outfits. Just another impromptu family portrait. Selling root vegetables by the side of the road and enjoying each other’s company, this beautiful bunch from Madagascar reveal their unique personalities to a photographer. The island nation of Madagascar is distinct from other African countries as it is widely believed that its earliest inhabitants migrated from Asia, not Africa. Certainly 10 out of its 13 unique languages belong to the Malayo-Polynesian family and culturally the people of Madagascar display both Asian and African traits in their way of life and traditional religious practices. The majority of language communities in Madagascar do not have any Scripture at all available to them and literacy is a low 46%. Please pray for the ministry of Bible translation in Madagascar.

Photo: Steve Evans
Words: Elyse Patten