Early Morning – Monday’s Inspiring Image

A new morning has dawned in this remote village in Vanuatu. The village was awake just before the sun – stoking the fires, collecting water from the crystal clear river and preparing for the day’s work. An Australian missionary family who live in the house on the right are also up, preparing for the day’s tasks and enjoying the view of the misty morning in their adopted home. As the new week begins first in the Pacific, then throughout the rest of the world, thousands of others are also continuing their work for the ministry of Bible translation. Studying language structures, determining meaning, translating idioms, training literacy teachers, creating vernacular education programs, storytelling, political advocacy and building relationships – this is not short term work. The translation team working in this community know that when it is finally time to go home – their work will be only just beginning to bear fruit. This people group will benefit for generations to come from an understanding of God’s universal message.

Photo: Elyse Patten

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