Open Window – Weekly Inspiring Image

What is she thinking?
This young girl lives in the lowlands province of Sanduan, Papua New Guinea. This structure is her family’s house, and this opening – a window.
Taken on film about 10 years ago, she would be a young woman now, with children of her own. The photographer, an SIL literacy specialist, was working hard so that she could learn to read in her own language. What an incredible gift. I wonder how her life has changed since then.


This image was shot on film –  back in the day. I wonder how the photographer, living in PNG, got the film processed. I guess he’d have to send it back home to Australia, then wait for the next trip home to see the images. How patient. No glancing at the LCD screen and showing it to his subject for her surprise and delight. Just a small light-proof box full of mystery.

When I used to shoot film I’d see the images scrolling through my head for days or weeks until I could get it processed. Like a constant slide show of frozen moments creating and re-creating themselves in my imagination. Occasionally I was surprised and delighted with the results, but often I was disappointed – and the hunt would start again, with a new roll of film and a lesson learned.

Photo: Peter Brook
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