Every Weekend – Weekly Inspiring Image

Did you know that almost every weekend over the last year or so language communities in Papua New Guinea have been celebrating the translation of God’s word into their language? Rain or shine, all across the country, each weekend another community celebrates the opportunity to hold the completed New Testament scriptures in their hands for the first time. And not just to hold it, but to understand it. To understand God’s message of love, grace, salvation, and a life lived to the full. Sheltered from the pouring rain, dancers from the Molima language community in the Milne Bay area make music in celebration. Joel, one of the translation team coordinators and a native speaker of Molima, speaks from his own experience the day before this image was taken – “I look forward to this dedication. It is going to bring change actually – when people have the word of God in their heart language. Change of mindset and attitudes, and the way they approach their spiritual life will also change. When they read the word, it will be very clear to them… and the most important thing is what the Word of God is going to do in their own lives. Many people are looking forward to having the Word of God in our own language. We are so excited.”

Photo: Kimberly Brotzler