Want vs Need – Weekly Inspiring Image

Cameroon Bible Translation

Electricity is often scarce on the campus of the Cameroon Baptist Theological Seminary in northwestern Cameroon. Somehow, Joseph Nkwelle always finds a way to keep his computer going. He is studying to be a Bible translation consultant. Joseph already has the New Testament in his mother tongue, Akoose. Now, his community wants the Old Testament, but Joseph’s heart is elsewhere. “[Another people group] needs the New Testament more than my own need the Old,” explains Joseph. His love for Bible translation comes from his passion to see God transform lives. “It’s important to have scripture in the mother tongue,” he says. “[It gives] people an opportunity to hear God speaking in a way that they will be challenged. In this way the message will get to their hearts.”

View an immersive panorama of the seminary courtyard as students take a break from class.
Photo & Words: Rodney Ballard