Working Remotely: African Nights

06.21 - Cameroon

It seems to me that during summer in Yaoundé, Cameroon there is a thunderstorm every night. Since I grew up in the arid southwest of the USA, where such storms are rare, I enjoy experiencing these violent storms over the city.

Recently, during a power outage, while looking out the window to see if our neighbors had electricity, I noticed this storm. But what caught my eye were the stars. It’s not often that I am able to witness a storm and see the stars at the same time. This meant a mad dash for my camera equipment.

My family and I live in Yaoundé, and I travel from here to document the work of Bible translation in countries around Africa. Whether it’s the beauty of this storm or the smile of a person hearing God’s Word in their language, working as a photojournalist gives me the chance to experience God’s beauty in a unique way, and also to share it.

Photo & Words: Rodney Ballard

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