Sunny Winter Weekend

I love to travel. My eyes love to see new things. I believe that you don’t need to trek half way across the world to enjoy new experiences and take beautiful photographs. I’m blessed to live on the sunny east coast of Australia and I get up to plenty of adventures right here on my ‘home turf’. Every wondered what this photojournalist does on her days off? Takes photos? You bet.

Last weekend some friends came up from Sydney to help me celebrate my 30th birthday. Aside from the glorious winter weather their fun-loving presence was the greatest gift!

The weekend starts with a walk on the nearby beach.

The winter sun sat stubbornly in the north of the sky while Lisa and I traversed the ocean on stand up paddle boards. That’s me in the front, my buddy behind. I felt like I was walking on water. This sport is unlike anything else I’ve experienced. I pointed my board out to sea and my pulse slowed as the shimmering blue water mesmerized me. The ocean gently undulating underneath the sturdy paddle board as I stared down that big blue expanse. The paddling itself is almost effortless – an incredibly relaxing experience.

Not bad for my first time, eh? (I fell off the board moments after this!)

My happy face.

My happy buddy.

These two got married only 2 months ago. Cute as pie.

Night falls and it’s time for fire spinning.

Brad showing off.

Dinner by the fire.

There is a saying about this part of Australia – “Beautiful one day, perfect the next.” With another stunning day to enjoy we took off for the Glasshouse Mountains. This is me and Lisa enjoying the 360 degree hinterland views after a short hike to the top of Mt Ngungun.

Lisa at the summit.

We could see forever.
Best weekend ever.