Young Courage – Weekly Inspiring Image

benin girlThis is my favourite photo from my first trip to Cotonou, Benin. I took photos at a local church on a Sunday. The service was devoted to children and youth and featured special music and drama. After everything was done, and almost everyone had left, this little girl came to me and in her small voice and best English said, “Can you take a picture of me?” I’ll never forget watching her laugh and dance with delight when I showed her one of the photos on the small screen. It took great courage for her to approach me – a foreigner she didn’t know. Her meek smile and undefended eyes betray her inner strength and beauty. It reminds me of what Jesus says about children, “God’s kingdom is made up of people like these.” (Matt 19:14) Jesus’ value for us is not dependent on status. He sees in children a faith unhindered by the cynicism of the world. When I look at this little girl, I am reminded of who God wants me to be.

Photo & Words: Heather Pubols