Island Life – Weekly Inspiring Image

langkawi wharf, malaysia

Dreamy blue-green waters, scattered islands, sleepy boats – where are we again? One of the largest Islamic nations in the world, a major manufacturer of electronics, producer of oil and certainly the strongest and fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia is – believe it or not –Malaysia. I lazily pointed my camera at this scene many years ago while honeymooning on the small island of Langkawi.

It is hard to comprehend the diversity that this one nation encompasses. Malay is the official language, reflecting the vast majority of Malay settlers, but a large Chinese population reside here, as do many Tamils and other South Asians. People who are indigenous to Malaysia are in the minority. Scattered over Malaysia’s 800 islands, and deep in the rainforest of the island previously known as Borneo, they speak over 100 different languages. Many of these languages are in danger of extinction which would mean a great loss of culture, knowledge, history and identity to those who speak them. A new website dedicated to endangered languages gives an interesting visual representation of this worldwide problem.
Take a look. Please pray for the work of language development in Malaysia.

Photo & Words: Elyse Patten