A New Testament in Mono – Weekly Inspiring Image

mono kids

Children from the remote city of Bili in northwestern Democratic Republic of Congo crowd in for a photo. This city lies in the midst of the rich Congolese rainforest and only about 50 km south of the border with Central African Republic. People who live in Bili speak a language called Mono.

A Mono Bible translation project, started in the early 90s, halted in 1996 due to civil unrest. War engulfed Bili, and rebel soldiers captured community leaders like Gaspard & Marie Yalemoto. A pastor helped negotiate their release. The rebel commander insisted that the release be on the condition that Gaspard receive theological training and released them on the doorstep of the seminary. After three years in Bible school, Gaspard and Marie were invited to join the Mono translation team. Read Gaspard and Marie’s dramatic story.

Photo & Words: Heather Pubols