Beautiful Signs – Weekly Inspiring Image

Mercy Mideva and another woman lead worship in Kenyan Sign Language

In September 2014 I spent several days with the Deaf community who work at the DOOR centre in Nairobi, Kenya.  On one of the Sundays I was there, I visited a Deaf church. Mercy Mideva and another woman led worship in Kenyan Sign Language. The intimacy that Mercy expressed during worship nearly brought me to tears. It was beautiful.

Because it is a visual language; worship, prayer, and Scripture reciting at church are done with eyes open and directed on the lead signer. A loud drumbeat is often used during worship so that everyone can feel the rhythm and sign together in unison. And, as for the Bible, that’s visual, too. In Kenyan Sign Language, it’s available on DVD and in an illustrated comic-style booklet.

DOOR has worked together with Deaf communities to provide visual Scriptures in several sign languages in Africa and Asia. However, with more than 400 known sign languages in the world, many more Deaf communities have yet to see God’s Word in their language for the first time.

Photo & Words: Rodney Ballard