The Waiting Line – Weekly Inspiring Image

bus stop honiaraThis is a familiar scene for Wilfred – a taxi driver in Honiara, Solomon Islands. He has been working in the capital far away from his family on the island of Rendova for 2 years so far in order to save up enough money to go to Bible school. As a young man, Wilfred is determined get the training he needs to take on the responsibility of translating the Bible into his mother tongue – Touo. Their language is complex so even if a translation advisor from SIL is able to help, it will take a long time. Wilfred says, “We were waiting, waiting for an advisor… and I was praying, but the answer was me!” He continues, “I want to show young people back home that we young people can do it.” Please pray for Wilfred as he continues to save money to fulfil his dream of reading the Bible in his language. Read Wilfred’s story.

Photo & Words: Elyse Patten