Still Water, Busy Translators – Weekly Inspiring Image

Still blue water, plenty of fish and a canoe – do you need anything else? Well, the Kuna people who live here in the San Blas islands of Panama certainly think so. When the New Testament was published in their language in 1995, the residents of these idyllic islands only wanted more and have been working passionately alongside Wycliffe translation consultants on the Old Testament Scriptures. They are currently checking and approving the final text and hope to have the Old Testament translation finished any day now. The Kuna people ask for your prayers that nothing will delay getting these Scriptures ready to go to press.  With an unquenchable thirst for the word of God, they’ve already decided to revise the New Testament translation again as soon as possible. Click here to see more prayer requests from Panama.

Photo: Sean Stark
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