Smiling Watermelons – Weekly Inspiring Image

All around the world – in spite of war, economic collapse and religious conflict – life goes on. Afghanistan’s 51 vibrant language communities are no exception. Babies are born, children go to school, people marry, cook dinner, question the meaning of life, seek God and sell watermelons at the market. And the 35 vibrant language communities in Afghanistan who have no single portion of Scripture in their language do so without the opportunity to hear the Good News.
Watermelon anyone?

Photo: Steve Evans
Wycliffe Global Alliance members can use this image with a credit to its creator – Steve Evans.


  1. Pamela Mytroen

    I love your photos. They tell a moving story. I write for our local paper but with my CERTESL certificate, Biblical Studies Degree and experience in writing I would love to do what you’re doing! I’m praying for direction!

    Pamela M.

    • Hi Pamela,
      So lovely to hear from you! My hope is that this blog inspires others to get involved in mission. Its a big world and God is doing Big things – there’s a need for all kinds of skills. (We are currently in desperate need of writers!) Please feel free to email me with any questions and curiosities. I’d love to chat. Prayers for your journey, Elyse.

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