Meet Tim – Weekly Inspiring Image

tim toba japan

At one of his supporting churches in Tokyo, Tim Toba holds up the completed Bible in Khaling, a language community he served in Nepal. In 1970, Tim and his German wife, Ingrid, were the very first members to be sent out from Wycliffe Japan, which has since sent at least 60 staff to language projects around the world.

Tim came to know Christ reading a Japanese New Testament. A while later he read the story of those who translated the Bible into Japanese.  He thought deeply about how they gave Japanese people a special gift. Tim wondered if there were other places in the world that didn’t yet have a Bible and if he could help. This is where his journey began. Tim’s testimony is a great example of the ongoing Bible translation movement. Finding faith through translation, he set out to give that same gift to another language community. No doubt it is only a matter of time before a Khaling believer does the same. God’s mission is a beautiful thing. Read Tim and Ingrid’s story.

Photo: Heather Pubols | Words: Elyse Patten