Meet Dina – Weekly Inspiring Image

dina surui

Dina Suruí flips through her booklet of the Gospel of Luke, the only Scripture available in her mother tongue –Suruí. Dina also speaks Portuguese and is a leader in her community having recently been elected to serve on the board of CONPLEI (Brazil’s National Council of Indigenous Evangelical Pastors and Leaders). Dina reflects, “Before I was even born, before I was even in my mum’s belly God chose me. I didn’t know then but I know now that God had something special in mind for me. When I was 12 years old I accepted Jesus as my Saviour. John 3:16 says – God loved the world so that all the world could know life. He sent His son as our only saviour. So from that moment I understood that I am a child of God and I decided that I’m a person who needs to serve Jesus. God is working, and He has a work for me to do.” Read a writer’s personal reflection on the most recent CONPLEI Congress.

Photo & Words: Elyse Patten