Cameroon – Weekly Inspiring Image

A young boy in the central African nation of Cameroon enjoys a game of football with friends. Barefooted, they dash around the red earth yard shouting each others’ names and bouncing the ball from various body parts. This boy’s nation, Cameroon, and its neighbors in central Africa, have one of the highest concentrations of remaining Bible translation need in the world. With 15 complete Bibles and 41 New Testaments published, and an incredible 90 language projects under way right now, there are still approximately 160 cultural groups without any Scripture whatsoever in their language. And sport is not the only thing that transverses languages, cultures and political systems around the globe. So do people sharing God’s love. Translating God’s message has brought people of all cultures together. Read the story of how God led a young Chinese woman to ministry in Cameroon here on

Photo: Sean Stark