The Big Story – Weekly Inspiring Image

pigs and microphone

Revered by linguists and journalists alike, an audio recorder is a useful tool. My colleague Steve uses it to capture local sounds while on assignment in western Brazil. Our task of documenting the impact of Bible translation on language communities around the world is the small part we play in a big mission: God’s mission.

Have you ever wondered what it takes for the Bible to be translated into a minority language? While a small team may prepare the initial draft together, a small army picks up all the other pieces. The worldwide Bible translation movement takes various translation consultants, biblical exegetes, typesetters, printers, software developers, webmasters, audio recording specialists, administrators, literacy specialists, teachers, IT support experts, political liaisons, builders, photographers, writers, nurses, cooks, and much, much more. Each person brings their unique talents to a worldwide team devoted to communicating God’s message to all peoples. What can you bring?

Photo & Words: Elyse Patten