Somalia – Weekly Inspiring Image

somaliaA Somali man sits next to his herd of goats at Bakara Animal Market in Mogadishu, Somalia. In the district’s animal market, thousands of goats are brought each morning, where they are sold for their meat. With the longest coastline on the African continent, Somalia occupies the eastern-most point of the Horn of Africa with a population of 10 million people who speak more than 10 different languages. Enjoying a warm semi-arid climate, Somalis are credited with domesticating the camel and archaeological research reveals that an ancient Somali civilisation once thrived with a unique writing system that is still undeciphered. Today the vast majority of Somalis are Sunni Muslims, and Islam is vitally important to the Somali sense of national identity. Christians are in the minority. There are 8 language communities in Somalia without any Scripture available to them. Watch a short film about a Christian Somali woman’s journey of faith. Please pray for the work of the church in Somalia. Find prayer requests from Africa here.

Photo: UN Photo/Tobin Jones | Words: Elyse Patten