Smiles and Boxes – Monday’s Inspiring Image

How’s this for a visual story – a big stack of boxes and a very happy translator. These boxes clogging up an office in the Solomon Islands represent years of hard work, hundreds of thousands of readers and a hope for national unity. The complete Pijin Bible was celebrated in 2008 as part of the Solomon Islands’ 30th anniversary of independence. In a nation of nearly one thousand islands and 72 living languages at least 300,000 people speak Pijin with over 25,000 claiming it as their first language. Incredibly, the Solomon Islands government provided half the printing costs for the Bible and the prime minister, Dr. Derek Sikua declared in Pijin during the celebrations, “The Pijin Bible is something that can really make all of us come together as one people in one nation.” Click here to read all about it.

Blessings for your week ahead.

Photo: David Ringer
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