Serendipity – Weekly Inspiring Image

Cambodia sunset

Children play at sundown on a seldom used airstrip in Sen Momorom, a picturesque mountain town in eastern Cambodia. Ari, the photographer, says that this image is very special to him because of the way the local kids were arranged perfectly at the split second when the shutter opened. He recognises he had no control over the composition except for his timing. Remarkable photography often happens this way. You work hard to be in the right place at the right time with the right equipment, and yet, there is another element which makes you feel like the image was merely a gift to you. It is as though God created it and just sent you there to collect it.

God is at work in Cambodia. The translation team for the Central Mnong people currently ask for your prayers as they prepare their New Testament for printing and audio recordings. They’ve been working hard but realize that only God can create the kind of impact that they hope for in their community. Read their prayer request here.

Photo: Ari Vitikainen | Words: Elyse Patten