Promise – Weekly Inspiring Image

With my papers wrapped in plastic to protect them from the splash of the waves, I climb into the small dugout canoe and paddle twenty-five minutes to a neighboring village. Today I plan to check Mark 6, 7 and 8 with people in the village to make sure that the meaning is clear and that the translation doesn’t cause any misunderstandings…..

This is no unusual scene in the Pacific Islands – gentle waves, sandy beach and a shower of rain leaving a reminder of God’s promise. God has blessed the people of the Pacific with a desire to know Him and throughout the many islands in this vast ocean, Bible translators are hard at work. This photo is from the Solomon Islands archipelago where at least 17 different translation projects are currently in progress – and plenty more eagerly waiting for help to get started. How would you fancy paddling a canoe to work each morning?

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Photo: Martha Matzke

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