New Life – Weekly Inspiring Image

Baby SusannahFor those of you who’ve missed the Inspiring Image segment over the last year, I’m sorry to have left you without this weekly punch of colour and hope to your inbox. But I have a good excuse. I made this little human. Well, God made her, but I like to think that Brad and I were important to the process. Keeping her warm, (or cool, as pictured) fed, clean, and happy has taken all my creative energy over the last year. And since her birth last March she has grown from a tiny lump of screaming flesh into this walking, ‘talking’, exploring, climbing, peek-a-boo-ing, chewing, biting, sprinkler-loving little girl. It has been a fun journey.

The Inspiring Image column has grown (and been re-birthed) too. I’ve expanded the tent and invited new writers and photographers to keep bringing you photos and stories of what God is doing through Bible translation around the world. I hope to introduce my colleagues to you as we go along. As always you can find each article (except this one) translated into French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, German and Slovak on It’s good to be back.