In Search of Truth – Weekly Inspiring Image

young monk Myanmar

A young Bud­dhist monk reads in an an­cient Myan­mar pagoda. Mo­ments like this are among the things I en­joy most as a pho­tog­ra­pher. It’s such an honor to ob­serve some­one’s life. But I had dif­fi­culty pho­tograph­ing this boy. I found my­self wish­ing that he was read­ing the Bible. I ended the day with some beau­ti­ful im­ages, but feel­ing dis­cour­aged. This ex­pe­ri­ence re­minded me why I be­lieve in Bible trans­la­tion. Peo­ple need to hear the story of Jesus. I pray that peo­ple in Myan­mar like this young boy will one day ex­pe­ri­ence the word of God.

Photo & Words: Marc Ewell