Frozen Light – Weekly Inspiring Image

Choom, Siberia

Teepee-like structures called chooms are the portable homes of the nomadic Khanty and Nenets people who constantly follow herds of reindeer on their annual migration patterns through the forest and across the tundra of the Arctic region of Siberia. With a culture governed by the alternating seasons of the ‘midnight sun’ and months of total darkness, it might seem to outsiders that these communities live in a frozen, dark and forgotten wasteland. But God has not forgotten. In the midst of remoteness and darkness, He is ever-present and shining the light of His Word into their hearts through ongoing Bible translation and Scripture engagement projects. Pray that these efforts might bear fruit in the hearts of the Nenets and Khanty people. Click here for prayer requests from Russia.

Photo: Marc Ewell
Words: Craig Combs