Clamouring – Weekly Inspiring Image

Have you ever seen school children this keen for a copy of a book? What makes it so special? These books of Bible stories are printed in their native language – Tetun. Not Indonesian, not English, Tetun. The language they were born hearing, the language they first learned to speak, the language of their family, their friends, their community. The language that makes sense. Just a few moments after this image was taken, as soon as they each grabbed a book, the children didn’t run off but stood still, immediately reading the book from cover to cover. With a Tetun New Testament on the way, this is an encouraging sight for the translation team. Click here to read the full story about the Tetun translation project as published in Wycliffe Canada’s Word Alive magazine.

Photo: Alan Hood
© Wycliffe Canada 2011


  1. Great post, love the image. I worked with Alan in PNG when he was still using film. He is a great photog. Hey, can I steal your post for my blog, I’m having a ‘I’ve got nuthin’ Friday.

    • Hey Rodney! you are welcome to steal the posts anytime. That’s the idea! I can add you to my email list if you like, then you can forward it around. Elyse

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