Meet Diane

My Heart’s Desire from Wycliffe Global Alliance on Vimeo.

My Heart’s Desire from Wycliffe Global Alliance on Vimeo.

While my team was meeting in South Africa last November we spent some time working on stories together. Rodney and I had the pleasure of meeting, interviewing and photographing Diane Lovell and hearing about her passion for her work as a Bible translation consultant (in training). Isn’t she marvellous!?

It was a new experience for me to work on a story with another photojournalist but we managed to split things between us. So both our photos are used in this video – I wonder if you can pick whose are whose!

When it came time to presenting our work to the team all that was asked for was a simple slideshow with captions. However Rodney has mad video editing skills and put together this beautiful video with audio, pans and fades and everything. How clever! I’d also like to learn how to make simple videos like this one.

I worked on the sequencing and captions (which ended up getting cut down quite a bit for the video format). The sequencing was tricky. One of the challenges of working with digital. I ended up making quick mud sketches of all the photos we agreed to use and we laid them out on the table re-arranging things until it all fit just right and made sense. The sketchy drawings are pretty funny. I would show you but Rodney took them home with him to Cameroon.

I love the way Diane is determined to continue with her calling in Bible translation but also recognises that being a mother is a full-time gig. It was special for me to meet Diane because she is Australian – from Queensland! Too bad we didn’t go to the same university, we could have been best buddies. I’ll be publishing more stories about Diane but she keeps a blog too if you’d like to follow along.

Diane Lovell