Five Hours of Daylight

You’ll never believe where I am as I’m writing this. Its 5:08am and I’m on a bus heading towards Auckland airport to catch a flight to Tonga. I’d better post this now since I’ll continue to the smaller Tongan island of ‘Eua today and I doubt I’ll have internet access there.

I’ve been stressed about this journalistic trip for my work with the Wycliffe News Network, since my contacts in Tonga haven’t been able to answer my emails. So I don’t know for sure if someone will be there to pick me up when I arrive, or if they’ve arranged accommodation for me. Minor details really, but still concerning when travelling to a strange country, alone.

But yesterday, God showed me something important. I had 5 daylight hours in a city I’ve never travelled to before, so naturally, in spite of fatigue and stress, I took myself adventuring.

I caught a ferry out to Waiheke, an island off shore, and wandered about. I walked around the rocky beach, up over the hillside and found a grassy bed to lie on and soak up the afternoon sun and the gorgeous ocean view. The incredible beauty of my surroundings, the sound of the ocean gently hitting the rocks and the way the grass heads towered over me before a bright blue sky caused me to thank my God.

“How did you know this is exactly what I needed? And how did you provide it so easily? I didn’t even ask for it.”

I know you.

Washed with sunshine and the attention of my Great and Loving God, how could I worry about anything?

And I was reminded of what I know in my head, and always forget in my heart – God is with me. God has good plans for me. God is preparing my way, all the time, every day. I just have to stop always trying to do things by myself. I am so weak, and yet I insist on doing things by myself – what stress I cause myself.

So, as I sit on this airport bus at (now) 5:31am, I know I’m heading towards God’s plan.


*photos added later*