and our assignment is….

Most of you may have heard by now, that things have changed for us lately. We still wholeheartedly want to be a part of the worldwide task of bible translation for minority people groups, but we’ve been assigned somewhat non traditional roles. Over the last six months, the plan has changed from ‘move to the jungle and play linguist everyday’ – to – ‘contribute skills that we already have and enjoy’.
Although we miss out on moving to Vanuatu, we gain the privilege of being able to do what we do best, for the glory of God, and the good of mankind.

So…. Elyse has accepted a position as a photojournalist with Wycliffe International Asia-Pacific Communications Department, and will travel regularly throughout Asia-Pacific visiting remote communities and reporting back on the work that is happening there. (my dream job!) Since this role requires a lot of travel, and therefore needs a good logistical home-base, we’ve decided to stay in Sydney, so that Brad can do what he does best – Photonic Engineering.

These changes have really expanded our view of ‘missions’ in the 21st Century. We’ve realised that a missions agency is really like a big multi-national company, but a good one. There are people who do the ‘field work’, who are out on the ground making it happen, then there are 3 times as many people also making that work happen, but not physically present on the ‘field’. For example, for us to even go to training in Melbourne last year took at least 25 teachers, 10 administrators, 4 managers, 3 IT specialists, 2 counsellors, 2 cooks, 2 accountants and well, you get the picture.

There are trainers, media specialists, literacy specialists, people who liaise with government, linguistics consultants, bible interpretation specialists, you name it! A huge body of people, together achieving a hugely significant outcome. The best thing anyone can contribute is what they do best!


Last year, Elyse spent her afternoons further developing photographic skills. Here’s some images from around the neighbourhood….