YWAM Santo

We visited the YWAM base on Aore, a little island off Santo, and it is amazing!!! They are currently running a DTS there with a theme of “survivor”. It is so cool and so appropriate for the setting. They catch fish from the beach, grow their own veggies, and catch wild chickens that roam the bush. We spent some time there catching up on sleep, getting coconuts out of trees (yes, Brad climbed a small coconut tree and picked 2 green coconuts!), and the boys were kind enough to allow Brad to kill a chicken (video coming soon!) that they caught in the wild and help prepare it for the New Caledonia themed dinner evening. plucking the feathers...

The New Caledonia evening was wonderful, and we learnt lots about the country and got a chance to pray and intercede for it. It was great to see the DTS students (and staff) really get into the evening and pray for the nation. If you are considering doing a DTS, or filling a gap year, I suggest you visit www.ywamsanto.com and pray about signing up. We were also able to have a good chat with Ben and Anna, the base directors, about work that YWAM and Wycliffe/SIL are starting to do together, which was great.

Ben and Anna and their cute house..anna + ben story

On the day we were due to leave, the boat-man couldn’t come to get us, so Ben and Anna and us hiked (with our luggage – fortunately we packed light, and into hiking packs!) about 12kms across to the other end of the island to get the boat from the resort across to town, so we could get to the airport in time!

Here’s us on our little adventure, dont we look glamorous?! not. (the packs are propping up the camera)hiking across the island