Grammar Class

Oh joy!  Sometimes complex generative grammar is one of those things that you wished you didn’t know about….

This is reality for us for two hours of a Wednesday and Friday morning.

Brad negotiating…brad and Dr Andy

A grammar tree of an otherwise simple sentence..'tree'

Brad looking.. ‘happy’?scary brad

Dr Andy showing how its done in a New York accent…Dr Andy

Entertaining myself with Laura’s camera…Elyse!

A poem, written in class a few weeks ago, by one of our classmates (who declines to be named… you know who you are…) I cut out a handful of more hilariously violent verses…

Learning Generative Grammar

A sunny day outside
The sky is open wide
I sit here caged – though free
Learning grammar tree

A way to break down words
Into ¼’s , ½’s and 1/3’s

Trapped in sentences obscene
Bound only when in morpheme
A better fate would be for me..

My mechanical pencil in my eye
No longer tears but blood to cry
These pains (to me at least) would be�
Equivalent to being free

For grammar, structure, rules, to me
Are stifling, horrid, all but free
Class like a dungeon
Black as coal
The weight of the darkness
Bearing down upon my soul

My one desire, to feel the heat
The open sky, the suns heart beat
Lying back in fields of green
Not a prepositional phrase to be seen
How Serene!

Its not all bad – so far everyone still has their eyes, and their mechanical pencils.. a bit of brain-strain can be good…

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