The Great Wall – Weekly Inspiring Image

The Great Wall of China rises and falls over each hill into the hazy distance as far as you can see, and much further. Built, rebuilt, maintained and enhanced over thousands of years it is an incredible example of what commitment and consistency can accomplish. Throughout Asia, Christians who desire to respond to the Great Commission face difficulties seeking the resources, training and advice that is essential for anyone wanting to live outside of their own culture. Eager to respond to God’s call, often our Asian colleagues spend years learning English in order to participate in necessary linguistic and translation training. Like this Great Wall, it is a long road. A new cross-cultural training school especially for students from Asia is enjoying great success and reports that more than half of their students are already serving in various challenging locations throughout Asia and Northern Africa. But translating materials, finding teachers proficient in the relevant languages, producing media and recruiting students without freedom of religion is painstaking work. Please pray for our colleagues serving and training at this school. Read the full story on

Photo & Words: Elyse Patten