Praying With Japan – Weekly Inspiring Image

All the houses have been destroyed and now only a large ship stands in the town of Kesannuma, once a thriving fishing village on the north eastern coast of Japan. The earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated this area in March 2011 killed over 16,000 people and caused a nuclear meltdown. All of the other boats and debris have been removed, but this one ship lives on as a reminder. Mr & Mrs Be live in this town and long ago committed to pray each day for a Japanese lady who worked with Wycliffe. Eventually a small group, a prayer circle, began meeting at their house to pray for the requests of other Wycliffe Japan workers serving in countries all over the world. Now ‘missionaries of prayer’ are meeting in similar prayer circles all over Japan to support the work of Wycliffe. Although their home and church have been destroyed, Mr & Mrs Be are still praying and hope that people haven’t forgotten but are praying for their community as they continue to recover from this disaster. Read the full story on

Photo: Marc E
Words: Elyse Patten