More Than Rice – Weekly Inspiring Image


Happy kids pose on a small rice farm in Uganda. While western media often focuses on this nation’s struggles, Ugandans are persevering, gentle and strong in faith. Over 82% of Ugandans call themselves Christian. Although many Ugandans have access to the Scriptures in the national language, that doesn’t enable the same level of understanding as a heart language. For example, after attending a basic Bible teaching seminar, Mr. Zaverio, 97, said, “I was not expecting to witness the Word of God being read in Bwisi while I was still alive. This week I have learned the true meaning of salvation, and I have accepted Jesus as my Saviour. I will die in the Lord. They used to tell us that a true Christian is the one who attends church all the time, gives gifts, does good works and prays every evening. But now through these teachings in my language of Bwisi, I am understanding that God forgives our sins through Christ!”

Photo: Andy Kristian Agaba
Words: Elyse Patten

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