Meet Pastor Gaspard – Weekly Inspiring Image

In a remote village church in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Pastor Gaspard is updating the congregation on the progress of the translation of the Bible into their language – Mono. His dark suit contrasting with the beautifully hand made thatched roof of the church. Many years ago the Mono language community selected Pastor Gaspard, and his wife Marie, to study theology, linguistics and translation principles to bring God’s word into their language. The community took action after foreign translators, who did some helpful linguistic analysis, were forced to leave the project because of the outbreak of war in the area. In fact no foreigners from Wycliffe had visited this village, Bili, for over a decade, and when a journalistic team took the long and treacherous journey there last month, they were greeted with an overwhelming welcome. Take a look at the photographer’s blog for more on her journey to Bili, and the Mono Bible translation project.

Photo: Heather Pubols

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