Kenyan Stories – Weekly Inspiring Image

Ready for a day’s work at sea, a small fleet of boats hug the shoreline of a fishing village in the district of Kilifi, Kenya. Edwyn Kiptinness, a staff member with Wycliffe Africa in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, tells a story of when he broke his leg and was forced to spend nearly a year in hospital. With nothing to do Edwyn read the entire Bible in a language related to his mother tongue. He became a believer, even though he had trouble understanding many of the foreign words in the translation. When a Bible translation project began in his own language many years later, Edwyn determined to support it however he could. He reflects, “God knew very well what He was doing. His plans are higher than ours, and His wisdom is higher than ours. I am indeed blessed by a broken leg. Thank the Lord with me and my people.” Read the full story on

Photo: UN Photo/Milton Grant

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