Ivory Coast – Weekly Inspiring Image

A woman sells fresh chillies at a market in Abidjan the largest city in the African nation of Côte d’Ivoire (lit: Ivory Coast). After many prosperous years since independence Côte d’Ivoire has suffered through two separate violent civil wars this decade. Wycliffe and its partners, while working hard at making Scripture accessible in the languages of the people, have also produced a booklet entitled, “Healing the Wounds of Trauma”, explaining important mental health principles within a biblical framework. Already published in 22 languages, pastors throughout sub-Saharan Africa are using it to run trauma healing workshops in their churches and communities. One woman comments, “For four years now I have been crushed under an unbearable weight of sadness. It prevented me from hearing God’s Word and living by it. Before my eyes, rebels killed my pregnant sister, my father and my brother…. After this seminar, I feel ready to forgive because the Lord saved me.” Read the full story here on thewordislife.net

Thank you for your support of minority language projects this week.

Photo: Steve Evans
Wycliffe Global Alliance can use this image with a credit to the photographer.