Another Day – Weekly Inspiring Image

The sun sets on another day in Hadjer Hadid, Chad. A nation where French and Arabic are the official languages, but the 130 unique ethno-linguistic communities still seek a God that speaks their language. An expat translator working in the Kenga language writes home….

It was amazing on Sunday again—the preacher asked if we had the translation for Philippians 4 and yes, I had our newly revised copy with me. So one of the translators read the Kenga and the sermon continued. A few days later I asked the preacher how it was to have the Scripture read in Kenga. He said he was stunned. He had prepared his sermon well but on hearing it in Kenga, it became so much clearer to him and gave him the words he needed. He understood at that point so much more than when he prepared his sermon [with the French Bible]. Click here for more stories about language development in Chad.

Photo: Zeke du Plessis