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Meet Eunice Kua, a Malaysian Chinese literacy specialist working in eastern Chad with the displaced Massalit people from Darfur, Sudan. Talk about cross-cultural ministry! Eunice says that her Malaysian-Chinese upbringing was exceptional preparation for her unique role here in Africa – just a glimpse of God’s plan. Her team is producing books in the Massalit language and training literacy teachers, with an enthusiastic reception from the refugees. Eunice says, “When we invited 20 people for a work session, 40 would show up!” Read the full story on

Photo: Zeke du Plessis

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  1. Ismail Omar Idriss

    thanks for what have said about Massalit tribe in their place Tachad state and WESTERN suDAN and isee you have to go for eastern Sudan in Gadarif state to see them there for those who have their GRAN FATHERS have been there since 150 years before.

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