Across Generations – Weekly Inspiring Image

indiaA grandfather in the Banjara tribal community talks with a young boy near Hyderabad, India. Over one hundred years ago, in India’s state of Mizoram a community of women began donating a handful of rice each time they cooked a meal. This rice then sustained a group of women evangelists to share the gospel. This simple practice became popular and grew to support large churches which now send thousands of missionaries to elsewhere in India and overseas. Remarkably, the state of Mizoram, wedged between Bangladesh and Myanmar, is 95% Christian with a vibrant indigenous church. Rev. Colney, the pastor of the largest church in Mizoram says, “The Mizoram state is known as the most backward state in India, we are the poorest of the poor, but still we can raise funds for the ministry of the Lord.” He continues, “We Mizo people say that as long as we have something to eat every day we have something to give to God every day.” Watch a video of this incredible story that shows what happens when people support the work of a missional church.

Photo: UN Photo/John Isaac
Words: Elyse Patten

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